My name is Alyssa and I'm a mommy.

I originally began blogging to process through the

negatives of life, but soon became weary in venting.

I believe in self-reflection and unwavering perseverance.

I believe that the different levels of our lives require

different versions of us, and we do well not to resist our own changes. I believe that now is the perfect time for everyone to treat themselves, each other, and

the planet a little better.

My main goal - here and in life - is to be in a constant state of growth and self-improvement, and to share what I learn in any way possible without ever sounding

preachy or all-knowing.

I may come here to vent still, sometimes.

But mostly, to share the beauty of our lives. To share what sets my soul ablaze with passion, our favorite things,

and reflections that ebb on the side of gratitude.

Thanks for being here.

- Lyss

About the Blonde Sheep:

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