Hi, my name is Alyssa!

I'm a mommy, graphic designer, and coffeehouse owner. Born and raised Alaskan, lifelong zen seeker, and decade old vegetarian. 

Recovering perfectionist, self-love/care enthusiast. Talking genuine feeling, and sharing healing. 


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October 22, 2016

The scariest thing ever happened to me recently. My mom, sister, and nephew were accompanying the kids and me to Disney World but if you know my mom at all, it won’t shock you even a little to know that she missed our flight and is 100% to blame for my sister and nephew missing theirs. This was the first time I’d flown completely alone, outnumbered by my offspring. Which, if you’ve never experienced, is terrifying. I was in charge of carrying three backpacks, two clingy children, removing all of our jackets and shoes, and my computer, and being randomly selected and having my backpack searched extra because I was clearly hiding a shiv in my makeup bag, and being on time to my flight that boarded 5 min...

September 12, 2016

 I promise, I'm the adultiest of adults there ever was. When it comes to my clothes, shoes, and home decor, I'm really into neutral solids. But girl, when it comes to Jujube bags, you can't keep me away from colorful patterns. My newest obsession? Kaiju City.

I meeeeean...

I'll give it to you straight. Before becoming a Jujube Content Creator, I didn't know much about the quality of these bags. I didn't know anything about TokiDoki, let alone TokiDoki x Jujube collaborations. I thought I was almost done with diaper bags, having only one kid left in diapers - I took the term "Diaper Bag" pretty literally. 

Moms, you know how you get these crazy ideas like, you'll intentionally leave t...

September 9, 2016

Spencer and I have a hard time with seasonal change. September is generally the month in which we wear the most florals, but don't worry, once it's time to decide on Halloween costumes, we'll switch right over to winter fashion. We have bittersweet relationships with transitional periods in general because of the amount of effort it requires, I think. 

You know who doesn't seem to have a hard time with change? Pink Blush Maternity. Or should I say, Pink Blush Women. I found Pink Blush when I was huge, fat, and pregnant and in need of feeling beautiful. Accomplished. So when I checked out their new Women's section on the online boutique, I about died. 

The same type of quality, soft, flowi...

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