Hi, my name is Alyssa!

I'm a mommy, graphic designer, and coffeehouse owner. Born and raised Alaskan, lifelong zen seeker, and decade old vegetarian. 

Recovering perfectionist, self-love/care enthusiast. Talking genuine feeling, and sharing healing. 


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April 3, 2018

 I remember the girl's first birthday party like it was yesterday. I was fat as hell pregnant with her brother, she had just tried sugar in the form of homemade rice crispy treats the day before and had since lost her damn mind, the fairy princess theme had cost me a little over $1000, and I was SO over the top concerned with everyone else. Who would come, and how much to put in the goody bags, and if there was enough food, and if the rec center I rented out was big enough. 

I wish I could go back to that day. Because I would have cared so much less. My heart would have broken so much less had I just paid all of my attention to her perfect little freshly walking self, on a sugar hig...

March 12, 2018

 "Be around people who feel like sunshine" I read recently while scrolling on social media, on a day where I most definitely did not feel like sunshine. A storming wave of guilt washed over me, because I was not beaming rays of bright warmth on my friends, nor my spouse or my children, nor my family. On that particular day, my thoughts, stresses, and emotions took over, and I needed to grasp onto someone else's strong, relentless ray of sunshine to pull me out of the pits of my despair. I needed to be around people who feel like sunshine on a day where I was a hurricane. 

But I turned inward, and instead of opening up, talking it out, calling up someone who always gives good advice, I ke...

January 29, 2018

I am so excited to write this, so I'll just start here. I'm a week in to Ashley Carlson Co.'s new plant-based program, Nourish + Glow, and I feel incredible! 

I should start out by saying that I'm a decade-long vegetarian, thought I knew quite a bit about healthy eating, and generally spend most of my grocery store expeditions in the produce aisle already. I thought this was going to be such a no-brainer, and I was super (happily) wrong.

When I first looked at the grocery list, I was super impressed by how many of the ingredients were incorporated into multiple recipes. I was also super excited to try some new things! (Hello, Dragonfruit!)

I have crazy high praises for Ashley already, as my boyfriend's s...

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