Hi, my name is Alyssa!

I'm a mommy, graphic designer, and coffeehouse owner. Born and raised Alaskan, lifelong zen seeker, and decade old vegetarian. 

Recovering perfectionist, self-love/care enthusiast. Talking genuine feeling, and sharing healing. 


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September 18, 2017

 When Donna first pitched me the idea, she explained that her inspiration behind the shoot was the movie Inkheart. I've never seen it, but apparently a boy can read fairytale characters out of their books. The boy in the film has a stutter though, so he reads them out imperfectly. Rapunzel, our muse, when she emerges from her story, is covered in the contents of it. 

I have this blog to keep my vulnerability alive and well, so I have to be transparent about what this meant to me. For as long as I can remember, I've had a damn near obsession with perfection. I'm not trying to lie in a job interview here, perfectionism is most definitely my biggest weakness. If you know me, you know....

September 1, 2017

 A large part of me anticipated walking into their new school on Wednesday, setting their lunch boxes, backpacks, and jackets in their cubbies, and walking them over to a group of children they'd find wildly more entertaining than myself, forget my existence, and allow me to drift away to work for the next 7 hours. I thought they'd say "Hi, my name is Spencer Lily, do you want to play?" or "My name's Oliver Landon, I'm two!" Like they usually do at the park. I pictured them finding a table with crayons and sitting down, barely muttering "K bye mom!" I thought, if anything, Oliver would ask me not to leave and then get over it quickly when he saw how much fun was going on.

I was wrong. As...

August 29, 2017

I have a thing for the fair. There's something about circuses and carnivals that thrills me to my core. I don't know why, but I find an excessive amount of glamour in the whole production and the timeless entertainment that sends kids and adults alike into fits of glee. Like, what other time of year will a grown man get emotionally invested in a glass bottle ring toss game to win a stuffed animal for his lady? None. I love the fearlessly bright and deep colors of everything, paired with marquee lighting and heart-attack inducing sweets and a soundtrack of excited screams. 

To give you a good example of what kind of weirdo I am: when my sister was a preteen, my mom took her to see 98 Degr...

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