Hi, my name is Alyssa!

I'm a mommy, graphic designer, and coffeehouse owner. Born and raised Alaskan, lifelong zen seeker, and decade old vegetarian. 

Recovering perfectionist, self-love/care enthusiast. Talking genuine feeling, and sharing healing. 


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December 20, 2016

I know that sometimes you might feel a little bitter and a little jealous of... Everyone. Everyone who's married with kids or single without them. Because their plans for their lives seem to be written in ink, or sometimes etched in stone, while yours is written with a dull pencil and constantly requires erasing of mistakes and complete restructuring. 

But I hope you never get the opportunity to write your Life Plan in ink. I hope it's constantly changing, constantly requiring restructure and improvement, redirection, and discovery. I hope it's messy and you lose your pencil and have to use every broken crayon in the box to write it. I hope you grow into someone who is okay with a nontraditional, col...

November 22, 2016

I've been obsessed with Freshly Picked since the second I followed the shop on Instagram. I've been obsessed with the moccs since before both of my kiddos learned to crawl, walk, then run wrapped in them. I've been obsessed with the story behind this company since before I learned the firsthand what it means to start your own business. Susan, the founder of Freshly Picked, is my hero. She started making moccasins in 2009 for her own baby boy on a tight budget. Through social media, flawless design, and personal motivation, she built the company from the ground up, she exploded, and you can now catch my kid wearing the same brand as North West. I mean. 

If we've ever worked together on Brand Identity or...

November 1, 2016

I think we all know how to polish off a happy photo with a shiny, cheeky smile, but I'm working on representing myself as authentically as possible and always being the same person "behind the scenes". I try not to pretend I’m an expert on most things. That being said, I have some unsolicited advice for anyone who isn’t super duper really really extra blissfully happy with their life.

Do yourself a favor, and get to know people.

If someone decides to tell you who you are and what they think of you before you’ve ever shown them your sense of humor, your dark side, your giddy child-like emotions; before you’ve shared your favorite books, movies, albums; before they’ve seen you cry over lyrics or trag...

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