Dancing (Dahlias) Over to Nana's House

When the kids are away, Mama gets to drink wine and clean. I look forward to Nana's night with the kids probably almost as much as Spencer does. See, I've observed that Nana's house has no rules and a lot of popsicles. I've seen those two great qualities go hand in hand as Spencer jumps on my mom's couch dripping popsicle all over it while my mom shrugs and eyerolls as I yell about the mess. But whatever, they're her problem for the night. And I set off to either socialize with adults or clean my disgusting home that's covered in a thin, invisible layer of apple juice and spaghetti sauce. Usually I end up doing both. 

Personally, I'm a mean mom. Which means that on my night off, I don't like to be contacted unless there is an emergency. That's why Spencer's Mini-Be backpack from Jujube International is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. Dramatic? Okay. But she packs up everything she needs in it. There's so much storage in this thing that it fits her books, CRUCIAL toys, clothes, pull-ups, toothbrush, and even a first aid kit (just in case there is an emergency that isn't necessary to contact me for.) 

The greatest thing about the Mini-Be, other than the fact that her particular bag comes in the cutest pattern, Dancing Dahlias; other than the bright yellow lining that just makes us all feel so happy; other than the quality of storage; I think, is the fact that it's small enough for her to carry herself. It promotes the independence that I so much need from her on these wonderful Friday nights. 

See ya, kids! 


The Mini-Be backpacks retail at $50 - $75.

You can shop the Dancing Dahlias collection HERE.



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