We Built this (Kaiju) City

 I promise, I'm the adultiest of adults there ever was. When it comes to my clothes, shoes, and home decor, I'm really into neutral solids. But girl, when it comes to Jujube bags, you can't keep me away from colorful patterns. My newest obsession? Kaiju City.

I meeeeean...


I'll give it to you straight. Before becoming a Jujube Content Creator, I didn't know much about the quality of these bags. I didn't know anything about TokiDoki, let alone TokiDoki x Jujube collaborations. I thought I was almost done with diaper bags, having only one kid left in diapers - I took the term "Diaper Bag" pretty literally. 


Moms, you know how you get these crazy ideas like, you'll intentionally leave the stroller at home, thinking your toddler will want to walk anyway? Or like, think they definitely won't need a backup outfit today, or snacks, and you'll just be leaving the house for one hour, so you empty your diaper bag all over the floor and grab the cute clutch that you haven't gotten to use since your child came earth-side? Basically, by making these "make life easier" choices, you guarantee yourself a really shitty time, carrying a toddler through the zoo because her feet got tired as soon as you walked in. Or the smelly, full diaper in the grocery store that makes you race through every isle before they know it's your unit... Yeah. That's me. That's my life. I always choose to be unprepared for some reason. 


That's why I've fallen in love with Jujube bags. 

I'm not sure whether to call the Be Sporty a "backpack" or a "diaper bag". But it's the most versatile of both I have ever seen - let alone been privileged to own.


I'm a two-strapper, so I am a big fan of using the backpack straps. They are easily removable and there is a messenger strap that transforms the Be Sporty into a cross-body. It actually took me a solid few days to realize it was a diaper bag... I'll be honest. It wasn't until I found the changing pad *heart eye emoji* in one of the many storage pouches that it hit me: the outer side pockets fit baby bottles perfectly.


The depth of the bag could hold anything and everything that would sustain my children in the event that we were stranded in the middle of nowhere for about a week. I have started stuffing EVERYTHING I think I could ever possibly need in it. Because why not. I'm leaving the house for 30 seconds, but I can fit the lunch box, over-night clothes, extra clothes, books, toys, diapers, pull-ups, wipes, snacks, first aid kits, and my own needs in here. So I do. 

I am SO psyched to see this collection hit the shelves tomorrow, September 13th. Look out for it! 


The Be Sporty Backpack in Kaiju City will retail at $160

Shop the new collections on Jujube International HERE.

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