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I can’t even count the number of times my children have asked to go sledding this season. We’ve gone once. The mommy-guilt is strong with this one. But I don’t believe in sacrificing comfort, or the work day, for the sake of freezing fun. My idea of playing in the snow is literally five minutes in snowsuits on our second story balcony, kicking snow around and wiping boogers, and then spending the rest of the day with hot cocoa and fuzzy socks. I’m not teaching my toddlers to endure the winter right now, because I don’t care to treat blackfoot, and I don’t want them getting too comfortable in case I finally make the leap to move them to the homeland (Hawaii. It’s not actually our homeland.)


That being said, I swear I do enjoy playing with my kids (when I’m warm). I mean, really playing with them. Setting my phone down, turning the babysitter, I mean TV, off, getting down on the floor and making messes. I’m a crazy OCD alpha-dog cyborg mother, and I believe that playing should equal learning. I can turn any fun game into a school day. I promise, they like it. But every kid gets sick of their own toys and begs to leave the house.


For the past few freezing months, I’ve been in search of an indoor play place that excludes greasy fast food, blow up bounce houses, and filthy ball pits filled with 600 kids. Wifi would be a huge plus (#workneversleeps) but I wasn’t gonna push it. I had heard about Kaleidoscape from all the mommy groups in Anchorage, but I never had time to look it up or find out what it exactly was. I thought they only did art classes! (which, they also do.) So imagine my surprise when we came in for the first time on a birthday party invitation. My jaw was on the floor and I recall repeating “this is so cool!” for about an hour and a half.

You can’t beat the level of creativity that goes into each and every activity. I almost feel like the artistry is wasted on the youth. Between rocket ships, mechanic garages, and a firetruck that fits all my kids and their imaginations, we could stay all day on the $10 general kid entry. Incredible amounts of work go into the Kplay sets and I think that the best part is how each and every section of the studio implores the opportunity to learn something great.

The Lego wall is teaching my son, who gets frustrated quickly when he can’t get things to fit properly together, to slow down and work on his coordination. The life-size connect four game has my 3-year-old up on her tippy toes, trying to drop all of the yellow discs in a row. They both duck down under the cozy coupe to check out the mechanics of the car before pumping the gas and vacuuming it out. The ball shooter has them jumping, giddy, trying to catch the wafting, fabric covered balls; the massive dollhouse silences my girlie; and both find it absolutely hysterical to wear firemen helmets before climbing all over the big wooden firetruck. Do you get it yet?


If you need an excuse to go to Kaleidoscape, there are always events up and coming! The Frozen themed tea party this Friday sold out instantly, and I’m almost certain it’s because the real life Anna and Elsa are scheduled to attend. Like, are you kidding me. Follow @kplaystudio on Instagram and like them on Facebook to see more events.

You can almost guarantee that any time you go, especially on the coldest days, you’ll run into us. I may be lounging at the beach set, on my computer, getting work done (remember, wifi) or sticking suction cups to the glass in the babies-only area, but don’t hesitate to come say hey anyway.


Kaleidoscape Play Studio is located in the University Center at 3801 Old Seward Highway Suite #9. They are open every single day from 10am to 6pm. Check ‘em out on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events!


Anchorage mamas: if you haven’t been yet, we would love to be your first play date at Kplay! Shoot me an email at hello@alyssablondesheep.com

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