She Woke Up Three

This morning, she woke up three. 


She woke up tall. She woke up brilliant. She woke up thrilled because “it’s my special day!”. She woke up with extra curly hair, and extra bright blue eyes. This morning, she woke up only one day older, but today is different, because now she is three. So we've worked together to compile a list of Spencer's top threes.

Three things that Spencer loves to do (as told by Spencer):

  • Tea parties

  • Trying on dresses and eating eggs

  • Snapchat

Three people that Spencer loves most (as told by Spencer):

  • Mama

  • Dude (Oliver)

  • Nana, and Aston, and Auntie, and Jack (Skellington)

Three places Spencer loves to go (as told by Spencer):

  • The red ball store (Target)

  • Disney World

  • In the snow

Three things Spencer has said recently that embarrassed me:

  • “are you going to do something about that?” to the mother of the crying infant at Target

  • “I went poop this morning but probably it’s time to go again” to our server at a restaurant

  • “calm the f down you psycho” to her baby brother in front of our pediatrician

Three additional things she has said recently that were just.. too much:

  • “what do you mean it’s time? I don’t see a clock anywhere” when told it was time to be done sucking her fingers because she’s too old for that

  • “I have my own money, Mom. Let’s get the hot chocolate” while waving a coin purse filled with pennies when told we couldn’t stop at Starbucks because I left my purse at home

  • “Here’s your problem. I have a lot to say, and you all keep talking over and over me. No one is listening to me, like HELLO” at the dinner table with Nana and Auntie, while everyone was listening to her

Three of Spencer’s favorite movies:

  • The Nightmare before Christmas

  • The Lorax

  • The Grinch

Three of Spencer’s favorite foods (as told by Spencer):

  • Pizza and mac & cheese

  • Popsicles

  • Raspberries

Three things she does that make me upset:

  • Negotiates bed time/popsicle time/time out/any “no”

  • Climbs out of bed in the middle of the night, usually 4 am, to let me know she needs to pee, and that she’s going to turn the light on

  • Puts candy in my grocery cart when I’m not looking… And then on the conveyor belt when I’m not looking

Three things she does that make me happy:

  • Holds her baby brother’s head and rocks him to sleep at nap time

  • Sings along to the radio with me

  • Forgives and forgets quickly and maintains an untainted love for everyone

Three things I hope to teach her:

  • To be unapologetic about being “bossy”, or “wild”, or “prudish”, or whatever and whoever she is and wants to be.

  • That she is powerful, and strong, and worthy, and important

  • That what she thinks of herself is far more crucial than what anyone else thinks of her

Three things she has taught me:

  • You don't birth patience. It doesn't come with the kid. You have to learn it.

  • Hot chocolate and a movie in bed fixes everything

  • Alone time is overrated

Three of my favorite memories of Spencer Lily:

  • The day she was born – the whole day

  • The day she went to Hawaii – running through the airport, giddy as could be with her very own carry-on

  • The day she went to Disney World – screaming with glee at everything she saw, every treat she ate, every character she met, until she passed out from the excitement

Three things we’ll do today:

  • Go ice skating at the mall

  • Go shopping with her Mattie

  • Have cake with our family

Three things Spencer wants for her birthday (as told by Spencer):

  • Cupcakes

  • Dresses

  • Puzzle pieces and clothes and dollhouses and dresses and a birthday cake

Three things I love most about Spencer Lily:

  • Her kindness, generosity, and willingness to share fruit snacks

  • The freckle on her rib cage in the same place as mine

  • her big blue eyes, curly blonde hair, fairy ears, teeny nose, and perfect lips. Her whole face.


This morning, she woke up so much bigger and more independent than the Spencer I first met at 8:17 am three years ago exactly. She woke up so much crazier and more wild than the Spencer who turned one. She woke up so much more well-behaved and generous than the Spencer who was two. She woke up kind, intelligent, and untamed. She woke up a kid, not a trace of baby left on her. She woke up more loved, more capable, more understanding, more bold, more grown into her skin, more Spencer, than ever before.


This morning, she woke up three. 



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