Spring Snow Day

It forgot to be spring today. We woke up to a few inches of fresh snow and severe runny noses when we had planned to spend the day outside, and I was so unprepared for my first real "personal day" in forever! 

Owning a business from home means I spend 24 hours a day momming and 24 hours a day working. A short break from one means forced full focus on the other, and my kiddos have definitely taken the back burner to some seriously consuming projects as of lately. But projects are dying down, and I had so little to do today, that I had elaborately planned to spend a sunny day outside while taking care of work from my phone. But oh, the joys of living in a bipolar state like Alaska. 

So instead of breakfast in the sun, we opted for Starbucks drive-thru in pjs. Instead of the zoo and a hike, we opted for Classic Disney rentals at one of the last remaining Blockbusters on earth, and sugary goodies in bed, complete with DoTerra and a side of snuggles. 

My friend Brie (@my.organic.adventure) sent me a care package of oils last time we weren't feeling 100% and it's come in handy so many more times than I'd have thought! 

It contains: 
Wild Orange - which protects from seasonal and environmental threats, is packed with antioxidants, and can be ingested, diffused, and applied topically

Lavender - which contains calming properties that promote relaxation, ease tension, and sooth skin irritations (like sore, rubbed raw noses) 

On Guard - a blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. Protects from seasonal and environmental threats, supports a healthy immune system and respiratory function, and promotes the body's natural defenses against cold and flu! 

Other than using the wild orange in every batch of chocolate cupcakes I've made in the last two months and using lavender as perfume, On Guard has become my favorite thing on earth and a complete replacement of cold meds in our house. I don't know how I've ever lived without it! 

Today we used our roll-on stick on our chests to assist with our runny noses and sinus headaches before putting on Beauty and the Beast so we could sing Be Our Guest at full capacity. A little lavender on our necks, wrists, and bottoms of toesies for relaxation during Peter Pan. A short nap (brought on by the lavender oil and a post-hot cocoa sugar crash no doubt) had Cinderella on pause. We finished the day with Oliver & Company (Spencer was not pleased that there was a movie named after her brother but not her), the Little Mermaid, and a big pot of mac and cheese. So we didn't go outside, and we didn't see the sun, and we definitely weren't healthy. But we all agree, this was our favorite day of spring thus far. 

For more information on DoTerra oils or to order this bundle, visit Brie's site, https://www.mydoterra.com/myorganicadventure/  and check out the insta page, @my.organic.adventure 


Oliver's shirt: wildfox ak (instagram: @wildfoxak)




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