My Solo Date at the Beauty Room

Between Mother's Day, my son's birthday, this cousin's birthday and that friend's birthday, backyard barbecues, not actual Mexican holidays, and all the other summer obligations that have come up this month, lately I've felt so drained. I say it all the time because I think no one really gets the gist of it: I work from home with two kids. Which means we are always together. Most of my friends are the mothers of their friends, so we even share our nights out the majority of the time. Both of my kids are currently standing at my desk touching me as I write this right now. 


It's hard to feel like yourself after you have babies. It's hard to care for yourself when you have infants. It's hard to feel even a smidge sane or normal when you have toddlers. They hold your legs when you cook, stand at the door while you shower, ask to be held while you pee, and they definitely don't understand why you would ever want to put on make up or do your hair or have a break from their perfect selves. So anyway, everything we do, we do as if we were conjoined triplets. And this month, we've done a lot. 


So last weekend I decided to have a me-day, and took myself on a solo date to The Beauty Room, a local spa and boutique notorious for making their customers feel extra tip-top polished and pampered. 


It started with a cheeky confirmation from the ever charming Chicly Clayton. Any confirmation voicemail that begins with "Alyssa, GORGEOUS!" has me. Has me, good. I showed up for my mini-makeover and was greeted by, well, everyone. My favorite thing about The Beauty Room is that you can't even tell who works there and who's paying to be there because everyone is so happy and social. 

My dear friend, (and obviously, the mother of my kids' friend) Lexi, spun me around in her chair and braided and curled and twisted my hair in ways it's never been before, and by the time I got up to move on to makeup, someone walking in stumbled backwards, "Wow! Where are you going?"


It dawned on me just then that maybe most people needed a reason or event to get their hair and make up done, I just needed to feel like Alyssa for the day and I'd truthfully be spending the rest of my afternoon gardening...

Vianey took me upstairs to the bright, open, super trendy make up studio and blended me into a peachy little doll, didn't judge me out loud for my ferocious brows that needed her assistance baaadly, and helped me to come to the conclusion that I should really start buying lip products other than coconut oil and Burt's Bees.


We debated for a while in front of the Bare Minerals display over edgy colors like Slay, Boss, and Scandal, but for some reason we ended up with a Care Bears sheen of Friendship. (I liked it, but I wanted a meaner name.) Then she sent me on my way toward my own devices - the boutique. 


Chelsea walked me around, showing me some of the brand new summer dresses they just got in, and helped me choose between three gorgeous looks that were under $50! 


Here are some of the looks we found:

Crochet-Neck Dress $48

Floral Halter Dress $48

Print Shift Dress $47


Obviously I settled on the third look, belted and with a statement necklace. I can't say no to T-dresses. 

All three looks are in store, but I've also linked each to The Beauty Room's online boutique

The Beauty Room has this environment that enlivens you, makes you slightly giddy, and then sad to leave. But you never walk out of there without feeling like a million bucks, without convincing yourself that all eyes are on you for the day, or without having put-it-back-remorse for the gorgeous things you didn't buy. 


And, if you work from home with a bunch of toddlers pulling your hair out of your head and wiping snot on your yoga pants 99% of the time, you might forget that you have any, at least for a few hours.

*wink wink, kidding, I love my kids.* 

(PS - Can you tell that it only took about 20 minutes for Oliver to ruin my hair?) 


Click here to make a hair appointment with Lexi!

Click here to book a make up appointment with Vianey! 

(The Beauty Room carries full lines of products like Bare Minerals, Bumble & Bumble, and more!) 


You can shop The Beauty Room's boutique here

For a full menu of The Beauty Room's services, click here


Special Thanks to The Beauty Room for making my whole month! 

XO, Alyssa


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