Powder Room Resolutions

Okay, let's just be real: first quarter is over and most of us don't even remember what our 2018 resolutions were. Right now, we're focussed on our beach bods and not much else, and that counts because we're eating better.


I think I have a crumpled up list somewhere at the bottom of my diaper/computer/toy bag that details the new me and the 365 fresh starts for the year. In it - no more sugar, or gossiping, or watching TV instead of reading, or driving when I can walk, and all the other stuff I've broken more than once. 


However; I took one of my broadest resolutions SUPER seriously and I'm proud to say that I've held onto it religiously despite my boyfriend's eye rolls at salads and my kids' "mom this is not real bread". That resolution: to be more mindful of what I'm putting into and on my body, as well as the waste we're putting out into our planet. This has included everything from altering my already vegetarian diet to as plant-based as possible (aka saying goodbye to bread and cheese), bringing reusable cups to coffeeshops, and most strictly - what products I'm using in my kitchen and in my bathroom! 


I've been getting lots of messages on my Instagram posts asking more about this, so I decided to draft up some examples by room - today, 5 bathroom products that are under $10! Who said saving the planet was too expensive... 


5 Ethical Bathroom Products I LOVE:


1) Bath & Body Works "Purely Clean" $7.00 on Amazon


We have one of these soaps next to every sink in the whole house, and I'm obsessed. I have naturally very dry and sensitive skin, and working with coffee and chemicals every day in shop causes me to get hand rashes frequently. I was obsessively applying lavender essential oils and lotions to my hands for far too long before I discovered Bath & Body Works Purely Clean vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, petrolatum-free, dye-free, phosphate-free soaps that are super gentle and feel amazing. They leave my hands super soft, and have such an itty bitty tiny minuscule carbon footprint, I just can't get enough! 


2) Love Beauty and Planet "Blooming Color" Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner $6.99 each @ Target


I stumbled across these at Target and stopped dead in my tracks because (I'll admit it, I'm in the biz) I am the biggest, hugest sucker for product packaging. It wasn't until closer inspection of the Blooming Color bottles (which are the formulas designed for color treated hair) that Love Beauty and Planet became my new most favorite brand. Firstly, all of their products are bottled in 100% recycled plastic (also recyclable, so pass it on!), the conditioner is fast-acting so you don't waste an additional 5 minutes in the shower making sure your hair is perfectly conditioned. "Easy on the tap!" it says. I die. The products are strictly vegan and not tested on animals, and they smell incredible! The rose scent is directly from an ethically sourced rose essential oil and smells exactly like my version of heaven. 


Bonus: after first use of the shampoo and conditioner, I literally woke up the next day to the softest hair in the land. Went out in the daylight with bedhead and it was fab. After ten uses, I can't stop touching my hair every second of the day. 


3) ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub for All Skin Types $9.99 on acureorganics.com or Natural Pantry (AK)


Another product I stumbled upon; I found this facial cleanser in the beauty isle of Natural Pantry after years of using the Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena scrub. Like, since puberty, years. I saw this bottle and turned it around to see that it was a vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, organic product with a good amount of exfoliation, so I grabbed it because it fell in line with my new non-toxic beauty standards and love for scrubs over creams. I had no intention of becoming obsessed with it, but here I am! 


The scrub is a thick and grainy texture, but not with little plastic microbeads or coffee grounds that get lodged in your pores. Gentle enough to not leave you red but intense enough to actually *need* to moisturize after, this uber green scrub is made up of organic argan oil, French green clay, lemon peel granules, and madonna lily extract. It smells like the ocean, and is filled with chlorella! 


Bonus: I've noticed a significant reduction in the blackheads that my nose and lip are prone to! 


4) Radius Organic Coconut Oil Toothpaste $7.99 on madebyradius.com


This last Christmas, my boyfriend's mama (the biggest living saint on the planet) filled our stockings with equal parts sweets and oral care. In it, there were chocolate oranges, Ghirardelli everything, floss, new toothbrushes, and RADIUS organic coconut oil toothpaste! Fast forward to today: I've gone through both tubes, mine and Jake's, of these ^ flavors. I'm obsessed and will never buy another kind of toothpaste again. 


The toothpaste has a coconut oil base, tastes sweet and subtle (I prefer the Ginger Citrus, but when starting out and switching from harsh chemical toothpaste, mint is easier on the shock senses), and "quite literally good enough to eat" as their website states. My kids love it too! 


Side note: until I visited their website, I had NO idea how difficult it is to get a USDA Organic stamp on toothpaste ingredients, but Radius did! 

5) DoTerra Essential Oils 


Okay so I know that not all oils are under $10; in fact, most of the best ones are quite a bit more than that (hello my name's Alyssa and I'm addicted to jasmine and rose essential oils.) but this is a special exception due to the fact that they're the best thing on earth. 


I use DoTerra oils for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. - especially as part of my bathroom beauty routine. First thing out of the shower (after using my ACURE scrub in the shower) I use a pea-sized bit of coconut oil with one drop of DoTerra's Blue Tansy on my face to tighten my skin, shrink pores, and add a collagen boost. Then I use a lavender roller bottle down the back of my neck, on my temples, behind my ears, and on the insides of my elbows to relieve stress. I use melaleuca and peppermint on my lower abdomen to help with digestion and lady-specific maintenance. One drop of rosemary with a pea-sized bit of coconut oil in my hair to stimulate growth and repair. Depending on the day, I'll combine jasmine and rose as perfume on my chest and wrists, or I'll use Citrus Bliss if it's exceptionally Monday-y. I also really like to put Eucalyptus on the palms of my hands and let it kind of diffuse in the steam during my showers to make it more of a relaxing spa experience. At bedtime, I really like using the grounding blend, "Anchor", from the Yoga box on the bottoms of my feet and my lower back! 


There are a million oils to use a million different ways, but these are my favorite, and the reason they totally could not be left out of this post is because of DoTerra itself as a company. I love the lack of plastic, the reusability of it all, and that all of their oils are naturally and ethically sourced in the coolest way. I went to a DoTerra convention with a friend a few years ago and got to see how oils were pulled from certain flowers and fruits and I am completely fascinated by the whole ordeal. It's a great way to naturally put yourself in a better mood, take care of your body, and not produce a whole ton of waste or participate in the use of harsh chemicals. 


Bonus: I have all the best distributers on speed dial. Ask me how to snag some oils! 



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