For the Beautiful Adventurer

After a whole adulthood of making sure everyone I meet is aware that I’ve lived in Kona and Los Angeles and Bainbridge Island, I’m finally doing what I never wanted to. I’m embracing the fact that I’m an Alaskan. Admittedly, a true blue (& gold), always comes back home, sleeps in the sun, howls at the moon, cold-nosed, warm-hearted, Alaskan. 


Mostly, this revelation is thanks to the summer we’ve taken advantage of. It’s thanks to being clothed by sunburns at the lake and mosquito bites at Hatcher’s Pass. It’s thanks to wearing toddlers like accessories as we climbed up and down rigid terrain in the sun and the rain. It’s thanks to the highlights in our hair and the dirt under our nails. The view of my babies dangling above the world in a handtram, “speeding” around at 15 mph on a jet ski, riding bikes up and down Nana’s street, with Wild Scoops covered faces and Alaska Grown veggies a block away. It’s thanks to being asked what I actually enjoy about Alaska, instead of having any time to plan an escape.

(Above photos by Parker Duncan


Resolute Boutique sells products “For the Beautiful Adventurer” which I guess is perfect - because it describes the Alaskan girl. And, because the day I got my Tangelo Pants in the mail, the first thing I did was traipse around sand dunes and splash in rivers, feeling absolutely beautiful. My daughter, whose favorite color is orange, slapped her hands across her mouth and couldn’t even stop with the “MOM you are so beautiful in this”, so much so that I spent the next hour searching for matching pants in a size 4T to no avail.

 (Above photos by Sabrina Jo Patterson - SJP Photography)


I’m seriously obsessed with these pants! First of all, anything with a color called “Tequila Sunrise Orange” will always receive my kiss of approval. Second, they’re light, airy, fitted at the waist and flowing wide down the length of the leg. One of those “is that a skirt or pants?” situations that is SO totally perfect for the fall weather upon us. And then the polka dots. *Swoon*


The day I got them, I walked around my creative collaboration group’s monthly meetup, showing strangers, literally just “Hi! Have you seen my new pants? I’m never taking them off.” Twirling with my hands in the deep pockets, and probably creeping most of them out. But a man in his 70s rode up on a four wheeler straight from heaven with a handmade pineapple hat, let me know he was from the Big Island, insisted I take some photos with his hat so he could send them to his ex wife, and then allowed me to keep it as a gift, and it felt like a sign that my pants were life changing.


The theme of our July collab was Adventure, incidentally. And just as incidentally, a Montreal couple in the ORANGE Westfalia of my dreams happened to pull up on their way to Argentina and, unbeknownst to them, joined our group. Please enjoy the photographic evidence of their unintended membership.

(Above photos by Theresa McDonald)


(Above photos by Allison Banks Photography


I paired my pants for the shoot with basics for emphasis; a white off the shoulder crop from H&M and black Target flats. But I’m already thinking of so many exciting Fall and Halloween season color schemes - booties and scarves and camel and beige and so much black for future wears as it draws closer to freezing (when I stop admitting to being Alaskan again). These pants are the perfect POP of color for when it gets dreary out, and I can’t wait to show you the other ways I’ll pair them in the season to come!

(Above photos by Meghan Sangiacomo)


Resolute Boutique is an online wonderland for the fashionable Alaskan. They are based out of Juneau, Alaska, and carry the most gorgeous, high quality, trendy yet classic pieces, as well as other Alaskan brands such as W.W. Knits (another one of my favorites!!)


Use code ALYSSA10 at checkout for 10% off anything in the shop!



Special Thanks to photographers: Parker Duncan, SJP Photography, Theresa McDonald, Allison Banks Photography, and Meghan Sangiacomo! 

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